Choosing the Best Dog Camera in 2018

Furbo Dog Camera Review

You may have Skyped with your dad or spent endless hours on FaceTime with your kids, but have you ever had a video call with your dog? A dedicated dog camera is indeed a marvel of technology, as it will not only allow you to see what your furry friend is doing when you are away but will also let you talk with your dog, with some product even having a treat dispenser.

While some might think that having a doggy webcam is the pinnacle of first world problem solving, this little device is actually highly practical. You will be able to calm your dog down if you are not at home for a while, and the dog will not get nervous and start destroying things around the house. Additionally, as with similar surveillance devices, you will be able to know exactly what is going on in your home while you are away and even record the footage.

What to Look for

There are many options on the market from simple cameras that can be accessed over the phone through the Wi-Fi in your house to advanced models that offer a variety of features and high-end solutions.

The most important factor to consider is if you will be able to position the camera so that you will be able to use all of its features, as well as to see the dog directly. Before you make a purchase, imagine the place where the camera would be positioned and try to measure all of the distances. If everything is okay, you are clear to bring your pet monitor camera home.

Our Choices for 2018

Although all pet owners would benefit from having a dog camera in their house, the prices of these gadgets may discourage some dog owners from making this additional expense. Because of this factor, it is vital for you to know if you should go for the top of the shelf product, start with an entry, or are you looking for the optimal blend between quality and price.

Best Overall

Furbo Dog Camera

Key Features
  • High-quality housing
  • High-resolution camera
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Night vision
  • Treat dispenser

Best Value

TOOGE Pet Camera

Key Features
  • Easy Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Easy control with both Android and iOS apps
  • High-quality video footage
  • Two-way audio connection
  • Sound and motion detection
  • Night mode, enabling vision up to 16 ft.

Most Advanced

Petcube Bites Pet Camera

Key Features
  • High-definition video camera
  • Video recording
  • Live video streaming
  • A wide viewing angle of 138 °
  • Two-way audio connection
  • Remote treat dispenser
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

What Is a Dog Camera?

Unlike humans who have evolved over millennia to recognize faces even in places that objectively don’t have them, dogs will rarely identify their owner when having a video chat—even if it is a high-definition video. On the other side, dogs have a much better audio hearing range and will recognize their owner calling them, even if the sound is reconfigured in any way.

All of these factors are considered when making a good dog camera, as it is essential that your dog will be able to recognize you and understand some commands that you will give them over the device. Finally, while humans usually place their face in front of the camera at all times, dogs will often pace around, especially when they hear your voice. This is why pet monitor cameras are configured differently to give a wide viewing angle and a more dynamic video.

How to Properly Use a Dog Camera

If you are able to see and communicate with your dog adequately, you are using the camera correctly. The most important factor is the placement of the camera, as you will need to be able to see the dog. Second, when using a device that has a speaker, you will need to make sure that the sound is not muffled or constantly stops in any way. If everything is set, you are good to go and start using your doggy cam.

You can check on your dog any time you want. Furthermore, if the camera is pointed at his favorite spot, you will probably see him lying around and waiting for you to come home. If you want to speak with your dog, make sure that you have his attention first. Repeat the name of your dog several times, and once he starts looking around, repeat several phrases that he is used to.

If your pet monitor has a treat dispenser, wait for him to know that you are contacting it, and then use the app to release a treat.

Connecting to Your System

Although various dog cameras can connect to different devices and have specific installation processes, the best dog video camera you can buy will usually be easy to place, working on a plug-n-play model. What you will need to know the type of Wi-Fi you have at home (2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz) and whether you are using an operating system on your computer or mobile device that will be able to install the app in question.

Always look at the back of the box or in the product description to see if it is clearly stated that the product works with Windows, Android, Linux, or Mac OS. If you don’t use the systems necessary to run the product, it is much better to take a substitute product than to try and force your system.


Like humans, dogs benefit from being in constant contact and like to communicate both with their own species and with others. If you live alone, or in a small and busy family, it is possible that your dog will be left alone for hours at a time, making him visibly upset. If this is the case, both you and your dog will benefit greatly from installing a pet camera with which you can talk to your furry friend. Observe, reassure, issue commands, or just say hi to your doggy, and they will remain calm for a few hours until you get back home. Also, if your dog camera has a treat dispenser, you can even give your dog treats if they are a good dog in your absence.


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