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Our mission

Dogadvisor exists to remove the stress and hassle out of buying essentials for your furry friends. We focus on rigorously researching, reviewing and testing the best products out there, so you have expert recommendations ready at your fingertips – for anything your pet could ever need.

Do we make money? The short answer: yes we do.

The long answer: Dogadvisor is a 100% reader-supported website. When you purchase one of the products we recommend, we earn an affiliate commision from the seller. While this isn’t always the case, we strive for journalistic objectivity so you know you’re always getting the most accurate information possible. Even if this is sometimes unfavorable to our bottom line.

In addition to that, we are committed to donating 15% of all our revenue to a variety of animal charities we care deeply about. So when you support us, you also support animals in need and the people making it possible.

Why do we donate?

Animal charities are among those that are most in need of funds. One study showed that less than 10% of all funds donated globally make it to charities related to animal welfare and protection. Many are operating on a shoestring budget, relying on volunteers and donations to make ends meet.

We find this to be a terrible set of circumstances. Especially given how much joy pets bring into our lives. So when we make money, we paying it forward. And in doing so, we can do our part to ensure that all pets are treated as wonderfully as they treat us.

Who do we donate to?

There are many animal charities around the globe in need of donations, but just like our product reviews, we put our charities through the same level of rigorous vetting.

Our charities must:

  • Spend donations wisely
  • Support a variety of animal-related causes
  • Be well-respected globally
  • And operate transparently

Here’s a list of Dogadvisor’s supported charities. If you interested in going even further and directly donating, please follow the links below:

Friends of Animals – A global organization with many animal rights objectives including protecting animals from exploitation and abuse, providing funds for the Gambian Chimpanzee Sanctuary, helping both domesticated and feral animals live full lives, providing funds to Primarily Primates, and helping families and shelters in need spay and neuter their pets.

The Humane Society – Another global organization that seeks to protect all animals from harm and abuse, including ending puppy mills, stopping the testing of cosmetic products on animals, banning trophy hunting, and providing assistance to animals in need. They also focus on education campaigns, provide shelters for dogs and cats throughout the US and Canada, and facilitate the spaying and neutering of domestic and feral animals.

PetSmart Charities – This organization aims to find loving forever homes for all dogs in shelters and foster care. They also focus on spaying and neutering animals to help reduce overpopulation. If your main cause is to help the suffering of homeless animals, to reduce the number of pets in shelters, and to provide funds to help spay and neuter your local pet population, this is the perfect charity for you.

Animal Friends – Animal Friends is a Pittsburgh-based charity that is focused on improving the lives of all animals in the region by housing nearly 2,600 pets each year, facilitating spaying and neutering surgeries, and providing training and education programs for pets and their humans alike. They facilitate pet adoption, taking time to learn about your needs before matching you with one of their animals, to be sure that everyone is as happy as possible when you bring your furry friend home.

Red Rover – Perhaps your passion is helping animals and owners when they are facing a crisis. If so, this is the perfect charity for your funds. They help provide temporary shelter for animals in need of a home due to natural disasters, incarceration of their owners, and during owner recovery time from major surgery. Red Rover also helps provide financial assistance for pets when their owners are experiencing financial hardship.

Animal Welfare Institute – This organization was created to address animal cruelty in all its forms across the globe. Their focus is on preventing animal experimentation, changing laws to make inhumane slaughterhouse practices illegal, and protecting endangered species while still giving them a chance to live in their natural habitats. Nearly 90 percent of their funding goes directly into action plans, as opposed to administrative costs, which is an attractive option for many people.

In summary

Dogadvisor is committed to delivering you the best reviews and information about dog and animal products. We also believe in using our position and popularity to help our furry friends in need. Donating to animal charities is one of the most fulfilling ways to give back, especially since so many of them are in such desperate need of funding. Thank you for helping us help them.